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Unilever Research Prizes 2018


Following a longstanding tradition, Unilever R&D Vlaardingen presented the Unilever Research Prizes for the 62nd time on 27 November 2018.

Unilever Research Prizes winners 2018

13 Dutch universities put top Master students forward

We have asked the universities in The Netherlands to nominate their best Master students - those who have done excellent work on topics that are relevant to one or more Sustainable Development Goals. All 13 Dutch universities have put forward one of their top Master of Science students.

The Unilever Research Prizes allow us to show our appreciation for excellent work from this year’s talented academics who stand out from the crowd. Unilever wishes to stimulate these promising talents in their future development by granting these prizes.

All 13 winners of the Unilever Research Prize received a cheque of € 2,500, accompanied with a glass object ‘The Ovum’, a sculpture giving the impression of a hatching bird’s egg, symbolizing the birth and emergence of new talent.

Olga van de Ven
University of Amsterdam

Maxime van Boven
VU Amsterdam

Marloes Arts
Delft University of Technology

Martin Kristelijn
Eindhoven University of Technology

Wouter Muizelaar
University of Groningen

Lukas Kiefer
Leiden University

Lea Andrée
Maastricht University

Pieter Gilissen
Radboud University Nijmegen

Zakia Essanhaji
Erasmus University Rotterdam

Mara Verheijen
Tilburg University

Giorgos Kafkopoulos
University of Twente

Charlie Maslen
Utrecht University

Martijn van Galen
Wageningen University

Joining forces will become more important Every single day people in our Unilever Research and Development centres go to work to develop new products and technologies that are required to feed the world sustainably as well as provide hygiene and personal care. Innovations are key to overcoming the specific challenges we face in making the world a sustainable living place.

Science and technology play a crucial role in meeting the complex challenges we face today. Collaboration is crucial in developing the new technologies that underpin our innovations. Joining forces will even become more important in the way of working of today where we take collaboration to the next level and actively engage with science and technology eco systems. Together we can tap into strong international knowledge and talent and multiply the impact. With the Unilever Research Prizes we acknowledge and nurture our important relationship with the Dutch academic world.

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