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Unilever N.V. Annual General Meeting Rotterdam voting results

Rotterdam, 30 April 2020 - Unilever N.V. shareholders today approved all resolutions put to the Annual General Meeting in Rotterdam. Voting was by poll on each resolution and the results are set out below.

Board appointments

Logo van Unilever bij de ingang van de deodorantfabriek in Jiutepec, Mexico.

The following continuing directors stood for election and were duly re-appointed: Nils Andersen, Laura Cha, Vittorio Colao, Judith Hartmann, Alan Jope, Andrea Jung, Susan Kilsby, Strive Masiyiwa, Youngme Moon, Graeme Pitkethly, John Rishton and Feike Sijbesma.

Poll results annual general meeting 2020*

ResolutionFor%Against%Vote Withheld**Issue share capital present
2. Adoption Annual Accounts and appropriation of the profit for the 2019 financial year881,913,22598.3115,129,8651.691,955,36361.28%
3. Approval of the Directors’ Remuneration Report 865,857,50796.4432,001,5953.561,139,35161.28%
4. Discharge Executive Directors874,799,30998.1716,298,6061.837,900,53861.28%
5. Discharge Non-Executive Directors874,793,29198.1716,303,5411.837,901,62161.28%
6. Re-appointment Nils Andersen 883,889,70898.4813,613,4051.521,495,34061.28%
7. Re-appointment Laura Cha896,398,18299.871,134,6920.131,465,57961.28%
8. Re-appointment Vittorio Colao890,379,73599.217,123,1210.791,495,59761.28%
9. Re-appointment Judith Hartmann851,518,12294.8745,998,5505.131,481,78161.28%
10. Re-appointment Alan Jope897,112,54099.91785,5820.091,100,33161.28%
11. Re-appointment Andrea Jung887,413,53599.276,498,9420.735,085,97661.28%
12. Re-appointment Susan Kilsby891,661,57399.355,865,1850.651,471,69561.28%
13. Re-appointment Strive Masiyiwa896,029,73399.841,471,8590.161,496,86161.28%
14. Re-appointment Youngme Moon 897,161,50199.96345,7630.041,491,18961.28%
15. Re-appointment Graeme Pitkethly   896,345,82099.831,525,4570.171,127,17661.28%
16. Re-appointment John Rishton 857,698,18395.5739,790,4734.431,509,79761.28%
17. Re-appointment Feike Sijbesma 896,330,09199.871,175,3430.131,493,01961.28%
18. Appointment of the Auditor charged with the auditing of the Annual Accounts for the 2020 financial year 890,643,85099.474,702,9560.533,651,64761.28%
19. Designation of the Board of Directors as the company body authorised in respect of the issue of shares in the share capital of the Company857,449,06395.4440,970,4834.56578,90761.28%
20. Designation of the Board of Directors as the company body authorised to restrict or exclude the statutory pre-emption rights that accrue to shareholders upon issue of shares for general corporate purposes883,707,00898.3714,630,4991.63660,94661.28%
21. Designation of the Board of Directors as the company body authorised to restrict or exclude the statutory pre-emption rights that accrue to shareholders upon issue of shares for acquisition purposes or specified capital investment purposes885,622,26498.5912,685,3481.41690,84161.28%
22. Authorisation of the Board of Directors to purchase ordinary shares and depositary receipts thereof in the share capital of the Company873,937,90397.3124,195,6512.69864,89961.28%
23. Capital reduction with respect to ordinary shares and depositary receipts thereof held by the Company in its own share capital890,429,60699.127,949,5430.88619,30461.28%

* The shares represented were good for 898,998,453, which is 61.28% of our issued share capital.

** Only the ‘for’ and ‘against’ votes are counted and together add up to 100%. By law a ‘vote withheld’ is not considered to be a vote.

Safe Harbour

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Further details of potential risks and uncertainties affecting the Group are described in the Group's filings with the London Stock Exchange, Euronext Amsterdam and the US Securities and Exchange Commission, including in the Annual Report on Form 20-F 2019 and the Unilever Annual Report and Accounts 2019.

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